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Natural Latex Cushion Relieve Sore Buttocks Cushion

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Color: Velvet-Dark Gray

Velvet-Dark Gray
Velvet-Navy Blue
Knitted-Dark Gray
Knitted-Light Gray

Specification: 40x40x4cm

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Product Name: Natural latex honeycomb breathable hole seat cushion
Pillow Core Material: Natural Latex (content 90%)
Cushion Cover: single-sided velvet fabric
Product Lining: jersey fabric
Product Size:
40x40x4cm (15.7x15.7x1.6inch);
45x45x4cm (17.7x17.7x1.6inch); 
40x40x6cm (15.7x15.7x2.3inch);
45x45x6cm (17.7x17.7x2.3inch)

Washing suggestions: The inner core should not be washed or exposed to the sun. It can be ventilated in a cool place. The jacket is removable and washable.
Warm Reminder: Due to the production process of this cushion, there will be a 1-2cm error on one side. The marked size is the mold size, please know.

Features of natural latex:
1. Natural latex is molded by physical foaming. After latex foam injection molding, the expansion of air in the mold during heating will cause air marks, which we call "Tear Marks". Tear marks are a sign of natural latex. If not, it indicates the material have problem.
2. During injection molding, in order for the latex to fill every particle of the mold, there must be holes on the top of the mold to allow air to escape. Therefore, part of the top of each particle will overflow, like a "little braid", which is a normal phenomenon of the process. It does not affect the use of.

Regarding the maintenance of latex pillows (latex pillows can be used for 3-7 years if you take good care of them):
1. It is prohibited to use latex pillows on beds with electric blankets
2. Prohibit exposure to the sun
3. Do not machine wash, do not twist/pull
4. Can be partially washed/dry-cleaned with clean water, gently press the latex with your hands to drain out the water, and place it in a cool and ventilated place to dry (or use an electric fan to blow dry)
5. Latex pillow itself is not easy to breed bacteria and mites. Generally, you only need to clean the pillowcase, and the inner core does not need to be cleaned frequently.
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Memory Foam:

Chemical industry, pungent odor
Airtight, poor elasticity
It is easy to breed bacteria and mites over time

Natural raw materials, no odor
Breathable and comfortable, good elasticity, strong support
Highly antibacterial and anti-mite

The following are "Tear Marks", injection bubbles, and burrs, which are normal phenomena in natural latex processing and do not affect use. If you mind, please order carefully.

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